seven practices that make the principal a curriculum expert.

Curriculum Development

Directions there are seven practices that make the principal a curriculum expert. Choose the top three and explain why each one is important to you. Take time to answer thoroughly. You must use complete sentences and use proper grammar.


I will attach the handout that was given discussing the various practices.


  1. Essential acquisition: Curriculum must be regularly evaluated and revised to include new content to be learned and mastered
  2. Integrative approaches: Curriculum must be integrated, emphasizing a variety of content themes, lesson topics, and instructional units. Integrative approaches in curriculum development ensure that one content area relates to another.

3.Useful endeavors: Curriculum must be applicable beyond the school walls. Principals, as curriculum experts, must be able to ask the following questions of faculty when devel-oping curriculum: (1) What will our students learn that can provide them opportunities to place curricular initiatives and instruction into real-world practice? (2) Will our students gain intrinsic satisfaction from their learning experiences? (3) How will the learning our students acquire help them attain their personal and professional goals? (4) Which of the learning experiences our students acquire are repetitive in course-work and is the repetition necessary? (5) Will our students gain knowledge in one subject area that will be beneficial in another subject area?



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