She was referred from a local college and they wanted her to be seen right away

Case Study on Bipolar

Case Study- Bipolar

She was referred from a local college and they wanted her to be seen right away. They were concerned because she has been exercising for hours each day. She had a sudden weight loss and they were thinking she might have anorexia.

She appeared in bright pink pants, orange flowered top, and heavy makeup. She was delightful and charming, but after 10 minutes she started to cry. She said that she was very confused. At first she was feeling just fine, but now she was very upset. Her mother was traveling to her college and planned on staying a couple of days. She was concerned that her mother might have a wreck while driving to see her. Then she changed the subject and began talking very fast about a friend who had a car wreck a year ago that was fatal. Her mother would be traveling on the same interstate highway and the same thing might happen to her mother. She said she worries about it all the time and has not been able to sleep much in the past few weeks.

Again, almost as quickly, she began talking about her boyfriend whom she would see in a month. He was attending another college and was coming for a party weekend. She said no one has ever loved her the way he does. He treats her like a queen. She then went back to talking about the friend who had died in the car crash, saying that she had had a premonition that something bad was going to happen. She said she is psychic that way and knows what is going to happen in other peoples lives.

She began to cry, mumbling that she should have been able to save her friend’s life. She should have been able to tell her that something bad was going to happen. Maybe her friend wouldn’t have gone on the trip. Maybe she would still be alive. She should have helped her.

Answer the following questions:

  1. What behaviors would you include in your assessment?
  2. What medical and nursing diagnoses should be considered?
  3. What medications might be prescribed for this patient?
  4. What interventions would be implemented in the acute, continuation, and maintenance phases of treatment?

Subject: Nursing

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