Short Essay

Short Essay

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Entrepreneurship is an important subject that involves risks at every stage. Every decision made involve a rigorous process that consists of the identification of risks involved in the decision and the choice of a particular option that seems to offer more benefits from a list of other options.

Risk taking is part of entrepreneurial life. Being in the banking industry for 20 years and working like a dog not only demotivates but also drains away all the energy and passion of the future. With the change in the management of the banking institution, life seems to be getting harder and harder. Additionally, the mismanagement of the company is likely to lead to the loss in investments. As 46-year old with a daughter joining brown, I would resign from my banking job and join my friend in the Boutique investment advisory services business. The new venture will help me learn more about the markets and clients as well as how to customize services to meet their needs……..

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