Should governmental prevention efforts be mandated to prevent attacks on private interests

Cyber Security

  1. Title: Priorities

Historically, law enforcement has been more focused on responding to incidents than actually preventing criminal activity. However, espionage, terrorism, and cyber-crime are far different than traditional crime. As a result, law enforcement (along with military and intelligence) efforts in these arenas have placed a much higher value on prevention than in most other crimes. However, this prevention aspect has predominately existed to benefit the government’s interests more than private corporations or citizens.

Throughout his book Clarke consistently theorizes a cyber-war that attacks private or non-military targets. Is Clarke accurate in this viewpoint? Should governmental prevention efforts be mandated to prevent attacks on private interests as well? Or should the resources be spent on protecting the most vital aspects of the government? Is there a middle ground?

  1. Memory vulnerabilities and subdomain takeover vulnerabilities allow attackers to potentially take over user accounts and/or systems. Between these two types of vulnerabilities, is one more damaging than the other? Explain your position in 200 words or more.

3.Which explanation about a subdomain takeover is not correct? Justify your choice.

  1. A subdomain takeover occurs when an attacker can take over or claim a subdomain from a legitimate site without their knowledge.
  2. By not deleting the CNAME or A record after the subdomain is no longer needed or used, can lead to a subdomain takeover.
  3. A subdomain takeover vulnerability allows an attacker to take over the main domain and all its subdomains associated to it.
  4. Essentially a subdomain takeover is when an attacker has control of IP addresses or URLs that a Canonical Name record points to.
  5. Once a subdomain is taken over an attacker can either intercept traffic and obtain confidential data like login information.


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