I need to write a Broadcast News Story about my university and the fact that it does not have showers. even though we do need showers especially since there is a fitness room with fitness equipment and a swimming pool and it is unsanitary for students to jump in the pool without showering or some people have time off between classes almost 1-4 hours in which they can use to exercise in the fitness room but they are afraid of being smelly.

Note that we have showers for dormitory residents but we need showers for our university non-resident students Woodbury University




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Woodbury University is one of the best universities to have higher education. The facilities in the university provide the students with a chance to develop themselves physically. Among the most spectacular facilities are the school fitness centre and the swimming pool. These two areas are mainly intended to boost the fitness abilities of the students in school/ the school football team can always be spotted in the fitness rooms. In addition to the football team, other students also visit the facilities in the case that they have enough breaks in between the classes. More often than not, in the case that one has more than one hour of free time, they …

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