Showing a clear understanding of diaspora, as applied in contemporary scholarship,


6 Pages Double space APA format with in-text citation.

The assignment has 2 section, each section should be 3 full pages .

No summaries !

Keep your answers clear, concise and analytical. Avoided pointless summaries of texts.

Address your responses to the specific demands of each question.

Make sure you use the textbook at least 3 times for each essay. Show that you have read the textbook well. Give example to explain your ideas.

Illustrate your answers with pertinent references. So find at least 3 more sources other than textbook to support your ideas, but make sure they are academic.

Make sure you cite everything you use and use your own words.

You should also have your own thinking, what you learn and what you feel

It’s very important to use essay format, have introduction , thesis , body and conclusion.

You can read the sample essay.

Articulate subtle liteary scholarship, critical thinking, analytical skills, writing proficiency and sensitivity to cultural dicersity through designated and relevant literary works from across the Black diaspora.

Choose ONLY ONE question in section B


1) Showing a clear understanding of diaspora, as applied in contemporary scholarship, discuss its significance in exploring the diverse reference points and complexities of Black Literatures.

SECTION B Choose ONLY ONE quetsion in section B

2) Analyze, with attention to their respective narratives and social contexts, the themes of loss in “Yoruba Man Walking” and societal afflictions in “An Incident at Pat’s Bar”.

3) Discuss the significance of mental health discourses in “A Bad Day for a Good Man in a Hard Job” and fraught emotional states in “The Shivering”, as frameworks for social critiques.

4) Examine the interplay between history, imagination, nation and gender in “Nineteen Thirty-Seven”, underscoring their critical inflections and political implications.


* Answered all aspects of the questions.

* Cogent application of lectures and readings.

* Cited other relevant materials appropriately.

* Identified characters, authors and situations aptly.

* Clear, engaging, scholarly and logical analyses.

* Avoided pointless summaries of texts.

* Hardly any spelling or grammatical errors.

* No colloquialisms (slangs and informal language).

* No attempts to ‘stretch’ paper, unduly (through creative pagination, font sizes, etc)




the class reading is these 5 articles, so use them and cite them.


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