Sign language: Innovation of Industries

Sign language: Innovation of Industries

Do you believe that all industries need to be innovative? Why do you perceive they do? Looking at your current industry, or the one you are looking to enter, what is the impact of innovation on the future of your industry? Please reference all work in APA format

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Just like machines, industries exist to make the human existence more enjoyable. Production follows commerce in everything that we do. As a result, they develop whenever an individual or institution fulfills a need in the society on a large scale. Thus, we see that industry is about innovation. Innovation is the solution to a nagging problem in society. The potential impact of an industry can only be an improvement in the delivery of a service or enjoyment of a product. In this analysis, we shall consider innovation in the hotel industry (Reagan, 2010). The objective is to highlight the niche that I expect to fill regarding the delivery of customer care…..

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