Slide Designs and Visual Aides

Slide Designs and Visual Aides


  1. Consider the importance of visuals in connecting with an audience. Discuss a moment or experience in your life when a picture, drawing or other visual had a significant impact. Consider whether the same impact could have occurred if you heard about the image rather than experienced it visually.
  2. Find a poorly designed PowerPoint slideshow and share it here. Give a short summary that identifies the problems and make suggestions on what would improve the design.


Answer Preview……………..

It is imperative to note that the integration of visuals in oral presentations is a strong tool for the establishment of a strong link between the presenter and the audience. As such, the visuals have been historically praised for the establishment of a deeper impact on the audience’s brains compared to plain narrations. Moreover, the use of visuals in presentations triggers increased attention due to the mental ways of collecting and processing information, and the mental section assigned to process image exceeds that assigned to process words regarding size. It is, therefore, evident that if a presenter before any audience desires to achieve the maximum positive effect on the audience through their presentation, they ought to integrate visuals in their presentation. As such, the contribution of visuals in communication cannot be overlooked. It is, therefore, evident that the integration of visuals in any presentation serves the role of a hook to keep the audience active during the presentation. Moreover, visuals offer an easy-to-understand content that is also captivating to them………………….

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