The Social Learning Theories

The Social Learning Theories

I need a paragraph 250 words or more about the social learning theory of child abuse and a second paragraph 250 words or more on Child Protective Services involvement in child abuse cases. Must be APA format. Must have APA in text citations. References please.

total 500 words
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The social learning theories suppose that the behaviors of parents and other significant people in the growth of children shape the idea of the children about what is appropriate behavior and what is not. Therefore, during growth, the children infer the principles or rules through repeated or constant exposure to particular styles of upbringing. Hence, children whose social origin handled stressful issues with violence and anger are at risk of exhibiting such aggression in their adult lives. The family does not only introduce the children to the different techniques of violence but also provide the approval of violence as a behavior (Bandura & Walters, 1977)..

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