This paper is to be 5 pages in length from the introductory paragraph to the conclusion, which does not count the title page, abstract, or reference pages.

This paper is a statement of your personal philosophy of education, which should focus on the purpose of education, which is why education is carried out and not so much how it is carried out. Your purpose of education is to emphasize the long-range impact you believe education should have on individuals and on society—the outcome of education. As you convey your philosophy, you are to focus on its outcome rather than on the methods, practices, instruction, or classroom activities. Those are tools of carrying out your philosophy; therefore, a simple discussion of teaching strategies does not make up your philosophy of education.

As an academic paper, it is to be supported by the body of knowledge in the field, which is to include references to the literature from educational philosophy, psychology, curriculum, and learning theory. Treat this as a position statement, a persuasive paper. Make declarative statements of “ought” and “should.”

Follow the length requirement outlined in the syllabus, use APA format, and include a minimum of four references.


Teaching Redemptively

Author: Donovan Graham

ISBN: MBS1778635

A History of the Western Educational Experience

Author: Gerald L. Gutek

ISBN: 9781478629931


 christian  Personal Philosophy of Education description 6 pages, Double Spacing

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Education should be a tool for individual and societal improvement through better resource utilization, better fit into the society, and a better understanding and creation of the world around. To allow this philosophy to be carried out correctly, the instructional practice should be through the adoption of social learning theories. Enabling the student to learn in the best environment that can make a positive change is the best way towards actively learning to be a better member of the society, improve it, and creatively understand the world around. As a teacher, my classroom will be an enabling environment where students will be given the autonomy of creating knowledge rather than merely absorbing what the teacher says…………

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