Social Media and Cyber crime

Formulate responses to the two questions, give your thoughts on each.

Required :  1 Paragraph each question


I feel that a serious ethical IT challenge is privacy in social networks. Im going to use Facbook as my reference in this discussion. How often do you want to view a video that a friend has posted and a second screen pops up asking for your location, or for you to share your profile with this site running the video? I have encounterd a lot just recently. How many individuals blindly accept or share this information. most do not understand the potential risks they are subjecting themselves to. It is the same when sharing your location with everyone. I know that before my soldiers and I deployed to Afghanistan I would have them block their location to keep their familes safe because I knew there were individuals targeting those spouses. Providing all your information is asking for someone to track you down or potenially track the location of where you are to hack your identity. These are serious issues. “Palestinian programmer Khalil Shreateh discovered a security flaw in Facebook’s code that would allow anyone to view and write a post on another person’s timeline, bypassing their privacy settings. However, the hack has limits. Shreateh told that he was not able to view photos or additional information about the person whose profile he breached.”

I would fix this by serious hiring qualified hackers to test the system. make sure that the updates are running and cannot be tampered with. I would also set up a secure site that members would be able to use just like a normal facebook page yet have the security backbone to protect its members.

CHENDA NGAK (2013). Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg hacked to expose security flaw. [ONLINE] Available at: [Last Accessed 23 Feb 2015]

2.)One of the technologies that in my opinion will cause more ethical dilemma is the internet. A lot of people use the internet for information, shopping or meeting people. However, there is a lot of information at our finger prints and people can take advantage for their own benefit. Moreover, there are so much scams, malwares, or viruses on the internet that companies should be aware and protect their data. When it comes to ethical matters, there is violation of privacy when companies monitoring users. There is a lot of personal information that can be stolen or sell to third parties for a fee. One of the companies I can think of is Dell. Dell is an American company that outsources people from India. When user call customer care from Dell there is a highly chance that on the other side of the phone is a foreign employee. Del l also hires people from other countries to work in the US. My concern is when we connect with these workers how our data is going to be manipulated. I wonder if Dell just wants to save money and forget about customer satisfaction; or provide better service by hiring foreigners. To avoid all this issues, companies should balance their operation and understand user needs.

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