Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Please answer the following questions and give me back a two-page work.

  1. Should a corporation have a social responsibility? Research the pros and cons of this issue. Consider especially Nobel Prize winner Milton Friedman’s famous essay (, “The Social Responsibility of Business is to Increase its Profits,” and the many responses to it that present alternate views. (1 page limit)
  2. Check out the website of a major corporation and find out what the company is doing in a socially responsible way. Why do some corporations spend money for these activities? (1 page limit)
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Social responsibility is the idea and practice that involves companies working in the interest of the society other than the owners only. Even though several authors think that business social responsibility is not possible or necessary, companies should exercise corporate social responsibility. Companies have the responsibility of not only making their environments sustainable but to ensure that they do not benefit at the expense of the society.

According to Milton Friedman, there is no such thing as social responsibility as corporate executives would be going against their primary role if they engaged in such activities. The author says that it would only be possible if the executives spent their money rather than stakeholders’ money. The author argues that the use of company resources causes the transfer of..

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