1. Click on the link entitled “Health and Obesity Extra Credit” in the module or use this address directly: to an external site.)Links to an external site.
  2. Watch the 24 minute film. Pay attention to who created the documentary, what the main points are, and how it relates to Sociology as a discipline.
  3. Write a TWO page paper (NO MORE, NO LESS) addressing the following questions:
    1. What is the overall focus of the film?
    2. Who produced/created the film? How does that matter in terms of what the film is attempting to show?
    3. What evidence points to individual solutions for the obesity epidemic?
    4. What suggestions to the experts have to social solutions for the obesity epidemic?
    5. What is the connection between class, race/ethnicity, gender, and access to quality/healthy foods?
    6. On the third page of your paper, write THREE discussion questions about the video that would help future students apply their sociological imaginations to the content you watched. Think about questions that perhaps came up while you were watching it, or questions you think would be good for students to discuss in small groups.

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 sociology  homework

Answer Preview…………….

Overall Focus of the Film

The film focuses on the relationship between poverty and obesity in the United States. According to the researchers based on the film, the United States is prone to obesity epidemic as per the information obtained from public agencies and news outlets. The public health experts and the researchers have developed much concern on the issues regarding obesity among the adolescent……………..

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