Discuss the dominant values transmitted by sport.

Sociology of Sport Essays

Write 1.5 pages with single space for each question with thoughtful answers, no plagrism.

1. Discuss the dominant values transmitted by sport.

Do you think they are positive or negative (or both)?What did the authors of the textbook and your instructor say about this?

2. Discuss the consequences of college sport as “big business.” Respond to the views of the authors of the text material and your instructor in your answer. What should be done (if anything) to address these consequences ? Why ?

3. Much has been written and debated recently about behavioral problems of athletes on college campuses in recent years. If sport is as positive of a social force as most believe, how can we explain this behavior? In your answer, discuss some of the issues regarding the behavior of athletes outside the field of play that was presented in class discussions and texts.


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In the American society, there are cultural values related to the development of sports activities? The initial framework of sports activities involves behavioral engagement in aspects of correctness, merit, desirability, morality, and objects. The understanding of sports has some underlying assumptions through primary conceptions of social goals. There are instrumental and terminal values taken through social engagement in sports. The American values generate some discussion on individualism, progress, materialism, and terminal values in the field activities of games (Doumas & Midgett, 2015). The primary instrumental benefits for sport involve external conformity, competition, hard work, differed gratification, and continued striving. Societal values and sports work together to ensure the success of the game. For example, the cultural understanding of football and baseball require modern values and old-fashioned values for urban and rural areas. Different cultures are associated with primary values presented in the social system………………..

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