Do you believe that Sophie and Alberto are “real” people? Why or why not?

Sophie’s Book

Answer the following questions in the Exam Essay:

  • Do you believe that Sophie and Alberto are “real” people? Why or why not?
  • Use at least one of the philosophers that we’ve studied this semester to “prove” your position.

Type your answers to these questions using proper English grammar and spelling so your responses are readable (and gradable).

have you read the book?   By Novel by Jostein Gaarder?   Also when picking a phiolsiopher you can’t go wrong if you pick one talked about in the book or a famous familiar one. If you have any more questions please feel free to ask

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Sophie’s world happens to be a great book full of adventures in the world of philosophy. I really do not believe that Sophie and Alberto are real people; they are just fictional. When Sophie and her friend Alberto were coming to revenge at Knag the father to Hilde, they could not be seen by anyone (Fuggle, Lanci & Tazzioli, 2016).  During Sophie’s nineteenth birthday, they disappeared with unseen Mercedes that drove into the venue without anyone noticing.  Almost at the end of the book, Sophie wishes to have a ride on the rowboat, but they can’t ride on the boat because they are not real people; thus, they could only manipulate people but not objects……………….

APA 359 words

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