Speech Outline, include speech, and include visual aids on How to be a good leader

Speech Outline, include speech, and include visual aids on How to be a good leader

Prepare a detailed outline for Speech 4 using the template below. This does not mean writing your entire speech, but only writing the topic sentence for the three to five supporting points that prove your thesis. Include a thesis statement that contains the claim or prediction you will prove or illustrate (the “central idea” – which is usually spoken); a purpose statement, indicating if you are persuading or informing the audience and the response from the audience you wish to achieve (which is not usually spoken); an introduction; a body, including supporting evidence; transitions; and a conclusion.

You may present an informative or persuasive speech. The objective of this speech is to assess how well you use your visual aid to support your presentation. Sources are required for this speech so please include citations and a bibliography. Using at least two sources is required.

The visual aid(s) must symbolize information or data to help the audience interpret the information from your research. Visuals may be electronic or traditional, but cannot be mere props; they must convey information.

Please be sure to include a brief description of your visual aid in the Visual Aid list (between the Conclusion and Reference sections) – which you will display during Speech 4.

This speech requires the use of research and outside sources in creating your speech: you are to use a minimum of two outside sources in creating your speech – be sure to include them in the speech with a short spoken citation and provide a bibliography in APA (or MLA) format at the end of the outline.

Category Points
Purpose statement 10
Thesis sentence 10
Written introduction, transitions, conclusion 30
Developed body: complete sentences and evidence 20
Sources used (bibliography) 10
Well-prepared effective visual aids

the attached file is just the example outline so just plug and play your info about. make sure you attach the visual aids!!!

the speech and outline will be on how to be a good leader.




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Answer Preview…………….


  1. Attention Material

  2. What made these leaders good? (Show photo.)

  3. Is it the method of communication, support for the followers, display of power and authority, or the ability to create many followers?

  4. It is important to understand the definition of leadership and the attributes of a good leader before the right answers can be provided to these questions

  5. Leadership entails the ability to lead people or groups of people towards the attainment of shared goals and objectives…………….

APA 710 words

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