Speech Preparation Question

Speech Preparation Question

Please read the speech draft attached and answer the questions.

Question you need to answer.

Describe the decisions you made as you created create and delivered your informative speech about how to prepare and present an informative speech. Using key concepts from this lesson, specifically address decisions you made to develop your main ideas so that you were lively and spontaneous while still being prepared and not memorizing the speech. Provide specific examples from your preparation and delivery.

please read requirements very carefully. All the work has to be 100 percent original!!
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The decision to create outline was the most important one made during the creation of this informative speech after the selection of the topic. Also, the outline was necessary for several reasons including the need to structure the main points and ideas in logically during the composition and provide guidance during its delivery. As a speaker that was not determined not to memorize the content of the speech to prevent the potential adverse impact of stage-fright, the use of the outline for the organization of the main points, claims and evidence was essential for success. An additional advantage of the creation of the outline during the preparation and delivery of the speech was its role in maintaining the integrity and credibility of the present as the facts and assumptions used were not just relevant but aligned with the objective of the presentation………

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