Spirituality in traditional Chinese medicine

Spirituality in traditional Chinese medicine

Topic : Spirituality in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Write an essay describing this group and its religious or spiritual beliefs and practices.

It should include at least 1 professional references (books or peer reviewed journals).Please include a reference page as well.
Please show the uniqueness of the group in their beliefs and practices. What specific religious practices are important to this group? Are they culturally based? Are there any practices that may impede their health care?
Include an introduction and conclusion to your paper. What you think of the beliefs and practices. Reflect on this and include your thoughts in the essay.
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Here is one more article that maybe helpful

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As the name goes, traditional Chinese medicine is an ancient practice. It’s popular in the east and southern Asian countries which majorly bear the Chinese influence. The practice is slowly finding its way in the rest of the world as it’s no longer confined in its cradle land. Some consider the practice as an enigma thus registered as wizardry due to the spiritual aspect that accompanies the practice, also because scientific investigations are yet to find supporting evidence. Unlike western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine focuses on the spirit. It’s……………..

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