Sports Management

Sports Management



As a PR team, your group should discuss and create a PR strategy, tool, or technique to address one of the two assignments. When discussing this, keep in mind the elements that make a story newsworthy which you learned about in Chapter 2.(ATTACHED DOCUMENT)

Assignment 1: Select an expert endorser and a well-known celebrity to build media attention, credibility and acceptance for each product / campaign. An expert endorser is a person who is considered an expert in the field. For example, a dentist would be an expert endorser for a dental product. A celebrity is someone who is well-known in the public eye. Provide a detailed explanation of why you made your choices. Remember that you need to research extensively the expert endorser and celebrity you choose and be familiar with their backgrounds and any scandals that may prevent them from representing the product / campaign well.

  1. lightweight luggage
  2. suntan lotion
  3. a public service campaign for literacy training for adult learners
  4. hiking boots and winter outerwear
  5. a new hybrid fuel car that will be environmentally responsible
  6. Mothers Against Drunk Driving organization
  7. A public service campaign to conserve water usage

Answer Preview…………….

Hiking boots and winter outerwear are products that are useful for individuals that are interested in outdoor activities during winter seasons across the country and some of the favorite tourist destinations in different parts of the world. Also, the products would be ideal for travelers that wish to experience the beauty of the mountainous regions of the world during the period of the year that travel expenses are lower despite the number of locations that welcome tourists. An……………………

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