Stolen Art and Artifacts

Stolen Art and Artifacts



This is an essay with 3.5 pages and 4 sources

please read everything very carefully and include every requirement, also do not forget to add the references and it does not count with 3.5 pages

  • A bibliography is required and you may include this in the end of your essay.

You are required to use at least 4 artworks (include: artists, cultures/country, date) NOT from your textbook as examples throughout your writing. Please also include the image into the body of your essay, that way your writing will flow more smoothly. Do not include the images as separate documents.


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Art should belong to the originator of the work and thus be retained in the country of its origin. It is indeed impossible for a colonialist nation to legitimately acquire art from the country which has been colonized. The legitimate acquisition means a legal framework that includes the fair exchange of a work of art that is transferred from one person to another. If an entity does not willingly give up their art, it cannot be said to have been acquired the case of colonization as seen in Africa; the colonialist country takes away resources from the colonized country without its consent. Therefore, it should be the responsibility of the colonialist country to return the works to their legitimate owners after the colonized country gains independence and is stable enough to conserve its artworks. Moreover, Native American artifacts are seen as a source of heritage for the community in the country. However, with the federal government authorizing archeologists to go ahead and collect such items, the American Indians have limited claim to these artifacts. According to……………

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