Strategic evaluation and recommendation on Homedepot

This is an individual assignment, but you will continue to use the same company that is used for the Learning Team’s Strategic Plan. In this section, you will be evaluating various strategies and making recommendations for the organization. You will make these recommendations from the perspective of your role in the group such as CFO, CMO, etc. The team will then use these recommendations to select the final Strategic Plan.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word report in which you include the following:

Evaluate potential generic strategies for the organization.

  • Assess potential value disciplines for the organization.
  • Evaluate potential grand strategies for the organization.
  • Assess potential global strategies for the organization.
  • Identify the best generic, grand, and global strategies and the best value disciplines.
  • Recommend a strategy or combination of strategies the organization should implement, and include a rationale for that recommendation.

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In business world, the attractiveness of your company within its industry is always a major profitability determinant. Additionally, locality in that industry approaches in at a close second. Zajac & Shortell (1989), states that an organization that is basically is optimally located can generate larger returns despite having profitability that is below-average. However, this paper deeply discusses on the potential generic strategies of Home Depot that is one of the United States of America’s major player in retail home development industry…

APA 1320 words

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