Strategic Management

Strategic Management

Present a completed strategic plan to the board of directors for Riordan Manufacturing in your own words.

Outline your strategic plan for Riordan Virtual Organization in a 5- to 7-slide presentation using Microsoft® PowerPoint with speaker notes.

Describe why Riordan needs a plan, and walk the audience through every step in the strategic management process.

Include ethical considerations, environmental scanning for competitive advantages, innovation and sustainability considerations.



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The reason why this company needs a strategic plan in manufacturing is because of the following major points.

            The company needs to set goals and the first step in strategic management is goal setting. In this step the management ensures that all the goals and objectives in manufacturing are set and methods to achieve the goals analyzed. This will help the company to operate with a clear idea of what they are supposed to achieve both in the short and long term. In this step the management allocates the staff the duties to carry out and each person is required to deliver within the expected time. Ethical considerations in this stage include social responsibility. Will the end products harm the society in any way?…………….

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