Watch the following sections of “Strategic Planning Foundations” from®:

Strategic Planning Foundations

Watch the following sections of “Strategic Planning Foundations” from®:

  • “Organizing for Success”
  • “Conclusion”

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Write a 200- to 265-word response to the following question:

  • How will the information you learned in the® course help you formulate your strategic plan? Provide examples

Answer Preview……………..

The information learned from the assigned website,® will be critical towards allowing me to formulate strategic plans not only in my personal life but also in my career. The five main lessons included software development, design, web development, business, and photography. One of the lessons that could prove to be vital in formulating strategic plans is the business courses that are offered on the website. Creating a strategic plan requires one to possess various computer techniques such as Microsoft Project tips. Another lesson that I learned from the assigned site is prioritization. When forming a strategic plan, one has to assess various…………..

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