Strategy/Action Plan for change in school

Scenario: You are working in a school where you see several opportunities to improve an aspect of the organization that could support their mission. Since you are taking this class and learning about leading change, you decide to focus on one problem area that could help the school to improve and write a strategy/action plan that will lead to planning for organizational changes in subsequent weeks in this course.

Note: The problem you identify for this week’s assignment should be a problem/change that is significant enough to continue to plan for throughout this course. The problem/change that you choose should be related to the mission and vision of your organization and if addressed through your planning in this course, could improve the outcomes of your school or organization.

Part 1: Your plan should discuss contextual information to describe your school. Discuss the followng in narrative format:

– Describe the organization and your role in the organization

– Describe the mission and vision of the organization

– Discuss the change your feel needs to occur to improve your school or a problem you feel needs to be solved

Part 2: Create a chart similar to the one provided below  to determine possible strategies an dactions that could address the problem. Discuss a minimum of three strategies and two actions per strategy (total of 6  actions). Additionally, include who would be responsible for specific actions, a general timeline, and ideas for tangible evidence and measurable results for each action.

This assignment should be 2 to 4 pages in length and use APA format and an introduction and conclusion paragraph. Use at least 2 additional.

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