students attitude towards education

The instruction is: This essay will use the classification to explore the issue. The paper must be inclusive: the categories that you must add up to all the member of the group u start. The groups must be exclusive: something can’t be a member of more than one group. Make sure u cover the same issue in each category.
The topic is : classify, to the best of ur knowledge , students attitude towards education. Here you could look at causes and effects as wells describing the attitude and Also describing how attitude may manifest themselves in the students behavior. You may find the same causes and effects to apply different attitude; this is fine, since your attitude is on the attitude
So I will give three categories which is 1- level of interesting which u will write what do should do when they are highly interested or how does it show and write their cause and effect 2- level of motivation and 3- level of perception of usefulness
And education would be like of India not America
add introduction, thesis and conclusiom
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When students find education interesting, they are likely to do more in order to enhance their learning. For instance, they are likely to complete their assignments in time, carry out additional research and even come to classes early. In this situation, the teacher have an easy time as students are ready and willing to learn (Clifton, 1971). In the event the teacher fails to show up for a class, students are likely to study on their own…
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