study abroad and planning for graduate school

study abroad and planning for graduate school

The students must self-select a Professional goal (see suggestions below). Students must view at least 3 hours of TED videos which directly impact their individual goal. If you are not familiar with TED, please visit their website


Only official TED Talks, TED-Ed, and TEDx videos viewed through the TED website or an official TED YouTube channel are acceptable for your Engagement Portfolio. A maximum of 12 different TED videos can be used for your Engagement Portfolio. Upon completion of viewing the TED videos, students are required to write a reflective paper. Students must include verification of each TED video viewed by submitting a list of links to each TED video viewed for the reflective paper. This list should be included at the end of your reflective paper and does not count towards to length requirements for the reflective paper (see the rubric on the following page). Email your instructor if you have questions about an acceptable TED video relating to your professional goal.

The same TED video/reflection may not be used for multiple courses. Possible ENGR 102 goal (Professional) suggestions include (but are not limited to): Resume Development; Major/Career Selection; Research Ideas/Opportunities; Study Abroad; Planning for Graduate School; etc

  • Make sure it is 3 hours or more for TED
  • Make sure it is 3+ Pages – double spaced, 12 pt font, normal margins
  • Demonstrates the ability to self-reflect, discusses frustrations and growth throughout the experiences, seeks to find possible weaknesses to improve upon, asks and answers self-directed questions
  • Makes clear connections between original goal and experiences (TED videos)
  • I want you to write about study abroad and planning for graduate school.
  • make sure to follow these steps and put the sources for the TEDs that you use, of course at least use 3 and 3 hours and 3 pages long without the work cited




 english videos  ted  engnieering

Answer Preview…………….

Studying abroad is a new experience for most people due to the change in locality, culture, weather, and even the social structures. Closely associated with this experience is the preparation for graduate school. Planning for graduate school and studying abroad are widely covered in several Ted Talks and after reviewing them, I have acquired several insights on how to do both. For this reflection, I start with planning for graduate school. One of my long-term…………………..

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