Submit about 900 words of your draft for workshopping

Research Paper and Cover Memo

Remember that this assignment has two parts: the draft of your research paper AND a cover memo. Please read these directions and make sure that you include everything in your submission! I attached proposal and handout below.

Submit about 900 words of your draft for workshopping here Your draft should include a detailed cover memo on the first page (details below).

The cover memo should be on the first page of your Peer Workshop Draft. It should be about 350-400 words long, and should address the following two questions in detail:

  1. A) What are the strengths and weaknesses of my draft?
  2. B) What questions or concerns do I have about my project that I want my peers and Breanne to address during the workshop?

If it helps you stay organized, you might conceptualize each of these questions as its own paragraph.


Requiremnt: Masters Writing


Type of writing: Research Paper


Pages: about 5 pages total


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apa 1493 words

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