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Your instructor will assign one or more of you to lead the discussion, as well as to provide a synopsis of the discussion for submission the final day of the module. In this assignment, you will select a successful global organization of the 21st century that has effectively developed new economic opportunities, and submit a written analysis and summary of this organization. Throughout this course, you are expected to bring the knowledge and skills you have gained from other courses in the MBA program into the Forum discussions. Procedure If your instructor has assigned you to lead this discussion, make an initial post identifying the topic in the course Forum to begin the discussion. Select a successful global organization of the 21st century that has effectively developed new economic opportunities. Analyze the organizational capabilities for developing opportunities that are present within the organization. Write an analysis and summary of your chosen organization. Provide specific examples to illustrate concepts presented in the module themes and readings. Post your findings to the Forum by Tuesday of this week. Include citations and references (in proper APA style) for your sources. Return to provide substantive feedback to three of your fellow students’ postings. Agreeing with your fellow students’ posts will not suffice – provide both positive and negative feedback pertaining to the post. If you are the leader for this discussion, check in periodically to monitor the discussion and keep it on track. By the final day of the discussion, post a synopsis to the course Forum.





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Apple Inc. an American based Multinational Corporation whose headquarters are located in Cupertino, California. This company develops, designs and sells computer software, consumer electronics and personal computers. This company is mainly known because of its iPhone smartphones and iPod media players. This company was established in 1976 and its main …

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