Summarize two research articles on one subject “an instructional strategy” in one review paper

Summarize two research articles on one subject “an instructional strategy” in one review paper
Write a 3-4 double-spaced review paper to briefly describe the strategy and summarize research finding(s) in support of the strategy as per your selected article. Then main part of the paper should be focused on the actual studies/articles reviewed and, not on the description of the strategy.

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1000 words, ref and cite the articles

Please follow the guideline as requirements for the Journal Review Paper :

  • Use research-based thinking in your writing (ES, evidence related to the strategy, what skills/behaviors does it address, procedural details, etc.). Refer to some of the key variables studied by the author(s) and the findings of the study (e.g. Who was the strategy most effective for, when and how was it used, what were the most important results/desirable outcomes of the effectiveness of the strategy, what was the strategy not effective for, what are the author(s)’ conclusions in support of the strategy, did they identify any limitations in the use of the strategy). Cite EVIDENCE ( e.g. PND, ES or means calculations, slope) for support of the strategy effectiveness.
  • Summarize findings/recommendations in your OWN words. If you are using a quote or author(s)’ words directly from the research article, please put it in quotation marks with full supporting reference. Cite references to support the claims made (e.g. According to Arthur and Hughes (2011) or Based on the findings of Shaywitz et al. (2012)… or Further, Drew (2014) found that….
  • Focus on 2 key findings that help the reader understand the selected strategy and its effectiveness. Therefore, select and talk about the findings that feel most important to you for your teaching and relevant to the full understanding of the purpose and efficacy of the selected strategy.Do you think the strategy would be useful? Who ( student group) would it be most useful for?
  • Answer Preview…………….
  •                Concrete-representational-abstract (CRA) instructional strategy used in teaching math algorithms and concepts. The main aim of using this strategy is to ensure that the students get a deeper understanding of the math concept being taught. It uses the idea that when students are allowed to interact with concepts at the concrete level, they enhance their ability to grasp them better at the abstract level. The first step (concrete) of the instruction allows students to use concrete materials such as chips, cubes, blocks, and sticks to model the math concept. Secondly, the learners……………

    APA 1385 words

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