Summary and Reconstruction

Exercise Two: Summary and Reconstruction


  • Summarize the main points for your argument. Hint: You should have at least three main points.
  • Pull a quote from your sources that supports each of your claims. Or pull a quote from your sources that provides a counterargument to your claims.
  • At least one source should provide a counterargument.
  • The word count for this assignment is 500 words.



preview of the answer..

The intrusion of the US army in the affairs of the east coast of Nicaragua was propelled by the free thinking rebels of the time. US did not intrude to the Nicaragua warfare rather it was invited to do so by the rebels. In their article, Anderson and Thomas confirm that Diaz who led the rebels requested and acknowledged army support from the United States of America. This shows US troops did not intrude the affairs of Nicaragua but instead they were invited to do so…

693 words APA

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