Summary of News of Kilauea Volcano

Summary of News of Kilauea Volcano


Bonus Assignment (You will get up to 10 bonus points):

Kilauea volcano is an active volcano (as of 5/8/2018) in Hawaiʻi. Read about the news of the Kilauea volcano, and write one page summary of the volcano and how it relates to the course content. Don’t just copy paste the news report. Be sure to rephrase properly. Please refer to the following website for academic integrity.


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Fresh volcanic eruptions in the southern end of Hawaii are causing panic after a series of tremors occurred leaving residents displaced and frightened. The government along with the responsible authorities have started evacuating the state’s largest park and began working on ensuring that people are kept out of the two subdivisions that have already been evacuated. The area was hit with a powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 6.9 after the days of the small earthquakes hitting the south flank of the volcano (Murray, Tavernise, & Salam, 2018). The earthquake set off rockslides on park trails thus forcing the closure of the park that encompasses about three hundred and thirty-three thousand acres that accounts for about thirteen percent of the Big Island’s total area. At the time of the closure, the park had around two thousand six hundred visitors adding to the number of people camping in the backcountry. In 2017, the park recorded more than two million visiting the area thus highlighting the importance of the park. The reopening date is not specified but only after the area is deemed safe. After the eruption, some houses were surrounded with lava and officials started warning people of the dangerous gases that are produced (Murray, Tavernise, & Salam, 2018). The flowing lava then started bubbling up through the new crack in the Kilauea volcano while the levels of lava were still small as of 4th May 2018. In the afternoon of the same day, earthquakes had increased thus increasing the likelihood of further eruptions………..

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