Summary & Response

Read the article posted above, Stephen Covey’s “First Things First” (which he expanded into a book by the same title).

  1. Summarize the article in a single page (10 points possible).
  2. Write a two-page response & personal application. In the response section, write what you think about Covey’s ideas. In the personal application section, tell what the personal application would be for you at this point in your life. As part of that application, identify a person in your life who could be a role model for you in applying the “compass” approach (20 points possible).

Posted here just above the article itself are one example of the personal application part of the response.

in the GradeBook, the two scores (10 points + 20 points) will be combined into a single score of up to 30 points (extra credit).

Preview of the answer..

In order to know things that should come first in our lives, we need to first understand our uniqueness according to this article. This is because every person has unique capabilities and talents and important work to do in their lives. However, people find it difficult to benefit from their uniqueness and talents as a result failing to realize things that should come first in their lives. The reason behind this situation is that things that should come first are usually chocked by those that are urgent. For an individual to avoid experiencing such situations, he or she needs to be setting up win-win agreements as they enhance efficiency…

APA 609 words

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