Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Supply Chain and Logistics Management


Supply Chain and Logistics Management Watch the following video (just over 11
minutes) by clicking on the link below: MacNeil/Lehrer Productions (Producer). (1999).
Your computer, your way: Dell and the direct sales model [Video file]. Retrieved from
loid=0&w=640&h=480&fWidth=660&fHeight=530 . After viewing the video, answer
questions 1 and 2, and select one question from questions 3 and 4 to answer. 1.
Compare Dell's supply chain and logistics innovations with the competitive responses
from competitors such as the Apple Store and others. 2. Discuss the emerging supply
chain and logistics management factors shown in the video that were already negatively
affecting large computer chain stores. Answer question 3 or 4 below: 3. Explain how
these technology-driven factors were not enough to enable some businesses to survive
the online competitive entrance into the market. 4. In what ways may market research
have helped prevent these large technology businesses from failing? Each of your three
responses should be at least one page in length; therefore, with an introduction and
conclusion included, your essay should be at least four pages in length. In addition to the
video, your essay must reference at least one article of your choice from a business-
related or news website; therefore, your essay should reference at least two sources.
Your essay must be in APA format. All paraphrased and quoted material must have
accompanying in-text citations and references. Title and reference pages do not count
toward the minimum length requirement.


Answer Preview……………

Introduction. The current ever-changing customer needs, very low-cost competition and very unique global needs have diversified the manner and techniques that companies used in their supply chain management. The dell computer corporation was founded in 1984 by Michael dell with an aim of improving the quality of computers (MacNeil/ Lehrer, 1999). Currently, dell is the leading seller of computer products and services in the world and it also feature among the top three companies as far as market shares are concerned. Dell faces stiff competition from other computer sellers such as Apple Company and others. This paper compares the supply chain and logistics used by dell in comparison to companies like apple, discusses the emerging supply chain and logistics factor that negatively affects large computer chain stores as well as the ways in which market research may have prevented large technology businesses from failing………….

APA 1195 words

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