Identify a problem ex. Problem: Unsecured video surveillance systems

Watch the video and choose a topic to research

Question 1:

Watch the video and choose a topic to research.

Must be in APA and on an MS Word Document

  • Choose a topic
  • Identify a problem ex. Problem: Unsecured video surveillance systems
  • Provide a solution: ex. Encrypt transmission and hard drive using 256 bit
  • How would the solution be executed ex. public amid private keys, TLS,
  • Conclusion: ex. The data would need to be backed up an Array would help with data retention and SFTP data dumps on another server that only accepts transmission from the source IP and block all others.
  • References.

Question 2:


Scenario: An intern employee names James has found a USB on the ground coming into work, he wants to find the owner. He plugs the USB drive into his workstation computer and the drive appears to be empty. He sees that the command prompt flashes open and closes. Unknowingly he just executed a worm or botnet into the network. He informs you (the CIO) that he believes that he has unleashed a worm.

Task: How would you track, and remove the worm the network?

Areas to consider: What ports or port types will have unusual activity.




Answer Preview……………….

Surveillance systems have now been deployed throughout the world to monitor peoples’ daily activities. These systems have been designed such that they monitor every single action one performs when alone. The surveillance systems are used by governments to monitor the activities of crime suspects. Problem. The terrorists’ attacks and crime related attacks to citizens. Solution. From the case study provided, governments through the intelligent unit, can hack into one’s phone and monitor all their activities. These activities include tapping of phone calls, retrieving………….

APA 463 words

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