Suspense in Film Sequence Using Perspective Shots

Suspense in Film Sequence Using Perspective Shots

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This is the continue of the last project: Paper # 2 Shot List


Basically is using that information to do a Video Essay Analysis. It’s a three page long thing.

– Start thinking about how the shots and the film techniques you have documented work

together in the sequence

– Develop an argument about how the techniques reinforce the scene’s themes, then select

detailed and specific examples from the sequence to support your argument

– You do not need to describe plot unless story review helps serve your analysis

Attached a link for how to write video essay analysis– You also do not need to describe every shot or technique you have catalogued

– Instead, discuss selective examples to analyze how particular techniques create effects in the

overall design of the sequence and create meaning both independent of and in relation to the


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Temple University Film 225





Please avoid use outside sources, i forgot to mention that


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