Sustainability Leaders

Please write me 2 pages about:

Three Environmental Sustainability Leaders other than:

Gary Hirshberg, Chairman and Former President and Stonyfield Farms, Ray Anderson Interface Carpets (former Chairman and Founder of Interface Carpets who passed away in August of 2011) and Patagonia’s founder and CEO, Yvon Chouinard.

Please make sure to write about:

1-Why they are considered to be Environmental Sustainability Leaders? ( the reasons of their success)

2- What have they accomplished so far, and how they are helping the environment?

3- Give a brief bio about each leader.

Thanks 🙂                MLA 3 sources




preview of the answer..

Al Gore

Al Gore was a former Vice President of the United States and also won a Noble Peace Price. Al Gore is however mainly known because of his environmental protection activities. Gore is considered an environmentalist because of the inspirations and novels he has written which talk about environmental protection and sustainability (Gore and Read, 2007).

Frances Beinecke

            Frances Beinecke is the current National Resources Defense Councils’ (NRDC) President. Beinecke has worked for this organization for more than 30 years, something which clearly shows her passion for environmental sustainability. In the 30 years she has served in this …

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