Symbolism in Storm Warnings; Poem By Adrienne Rich

Symbolism in Storm Warnings; Poem By Adrienne Rich


In approximately 3 pages, discus a detail or a passage that illuminates the whole of one poem from a poem. Analyze the detail or passage and explain its significance in relation to the meaning of the poem as a whole. You might focus on a symbol, or the rhythm, or rhyme scheme, for instance, showing how that element shapes the poem’s larger meaning. Use relevant supplementary material also support your argument. And you can use secondary sources.


1) ground your observations in careful reading of the text,

2) organize your remarks around a debatable thesis,

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From a literal view, Adrienne Rich’s poem seems to be just about a coming storm in a meteorological sense of the world. However, a deeper analysis reveals that the poem is about a metaphorical storm representing emotional struggles. Some analysts have viewed the poem as more of an autobiography of the author who was faced with many emotional struggles in her life (Koestenbaum, 2016). Adrienne Rich uses a lot of symbolism throughout the poem to make the audience understand her themes better by relating them to physical nature whose encounter is well understood by human beings. The use of symbolism brings out the metaphorical meaning of the poem through the use of things that are easy for people to relate to, like the weather………..

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