System Approach Organizational Change

System Approach Organizational Change

Unit 4 Discussion

Present and discuss the mission statement of your organization in a narrative. You should quote the mission statement and cite the source in APA format. Discuss why the organization chose this as its mission and if the majority of employees know and believe in the organizational mission.


– Learner successfully addressed the concept(s) of the Discussion topic – 5 pts max.

– Learner successfully incorporates a minimum of three scholarly sources in the initial post to

support their position – 5 pts max.

– Learner met the criteria for academic writing (i.e. no spelling or grammar errors, properly

formatted paragraphs, APA formatting used for references, etc.) – 5 pts max.

– Learner met the 250-word count minimum

3 refs, attached ref and other 2 sources and cite

Organization: Apple Inc

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APA 367 words