System Variables in the Ronald Cotton Case

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This week, you will continue your exploration of estimator variables that might influence the reliability of eyewitness testimony. You began this Application Assignment in Week 2. Refer back to the Week 2 Application Assignment page for a full description of the requirements for this assignment.
The Assignment (3-page minimum):
Provide an analysis of the Ronald Cotton case, and include the following:
• Describe two system variables in the Ronald Cotton case.
• Explain the significance of each system variable as it relates to the case.
• Explain at least two recommendations to improve actions taken by the police related to eyewitness identification in the Ronald Cotton case.
• Incorporate into your paper a summary of the peer-reviewed article you selected.
• Be sure to provide references in APA format for the peer-reviewed article you selected from the current literature.
• Remember, this Application Assignment spans two weeks and is worth more than twice the point value of your Week 1 Application Assignment. Therefore, your response to this Application Assignment should be clearly more substantial than your response to the Week 1 Application Assignment.
Support your Application Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. You are asked to provide a reference list for all resources, including those in the Learning Resources for this course.





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This case is a perfect example of the need for eyewitnesses to be very critical and careful while selecting suspects. They need to be careful in order to avoid the incarceration of innocent people whom they recklessly select to be suspects to crimes they witnessed. In this case, Ronald Cotton was convicted twice on cases of rape and burglary. In 1985 January, he was convicted on one account of rape and burglary while in 1987 November he was convicted on two accounts of burglary and rape. These cases were based on two events whereby a person broke into an …

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