Talent Management

Talent Management

I have already started the paper take the info provided on the paper and add 4 more pages to the paper. Add the best research and info that you find. Please organize the paper and follow the Rubric carefully. Please center headings and titles of paragraphs . Make sure you cite your sources and citations and organize them with mine. MUST BE APA FORMAT TIMES ROMAN 12.


Because you have a great sourcing strategy that yields a highly qualified pool of applicants, does not ensure success. It is important that you now develop an assessment strategy using valid, cost effective methods that will help you to choose the candidates that will be the best fit for the job, the work group, and the organization. The material that you have read as well as the videos that you have watched will help you to better think through the assessment process when selecting from both internal and external candidates

Fit – A goal of applicant assessment is to determine how well a person fits into a job, a work group, and an organization’s culture and strategy.

Describe job-fit, group-fit, and organization fit.

For each type of fit, choose an external assessment methods that would be useful in determining each type of fit. Support your choice of each method.

When examining fit, research has shown that if a person’s financial, career, lifestyle, and other needs fit a job, they will exhibit higher levels of performance, satisfaction, organizational commitment, and intent to stay. Think about the vocation that you wish to pursue and the job in that field that you would like to have (if you already have your dream job, you can use that one). Explain how your needs, as described above, will fit your job of choice

  1. World War II Spy Assessment Case (Be sure that when you are asked to develop procedures that those procedures are detailed and well thought out.)

Read the World War II Spy Assessment Case of page 272 of your textbook.

Carefully respond to each of the following four questions listed (not those listed under the case), giving thorough, well thought out answers. (Remember to use subheadings in APA format to delineate each question. Do not number the questions!)

Based on the fact that this is 1940 and during World War II, list the 10 most important characteristics (KSAO’s) of a spy working for the OSS.

Name the three most important qualities ( out of the 10 that you listed above) that an applicant for the spy position must possess and explain why each one is important to the job of World War II spy. Give well thought out explanations.

Develop a well thought out procedure to test applicants for each of the qualities discussed is the question above. Support your decision to use that procedure.

Describe the measures (metrics) that you would use to evaluate if your selection procedure was effective in choosing the correct spies.

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The ability of an organization to hire and retain employees of adequate quality is an important source of competitive advantage (Rynes & Barber, 1990). The skills that these employees bring to the organization in form of human capital are the main assets of the organization (Becker, 1964). According to Pil and Leana (2009), schools are institutions where intelligence and information processes are important drivers of efficiency. This paper outlines………………..

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