Task 9 – Final Project

Task 9 – Final Project


Scenario: You have been promoted to Human Resource Manager of your company and have been asked to provide a report to upper management.

Using the information developed over the past 8 weeks, write a 10 to 15 page paper that covers the following headings:

  1. Overview of Human Resource Management and it plays a significant rôle in organizational Strategy.
  2. What is employment discrimination and what can be done to limit its effects on the organization and its workers?
  3. Insert your Legal Quick Guide from Task 2 and explain how the organization should use this to educate team members in the organization.
  4. Outline the Human Resource Planning Process that your organization will employ and why.
  5. Outline the Job Analysis Information format your company will utilize and why.
  6. Using the recruiting flyer for new talent that you developed in Task 4, outline the organizations recruiting process. Include the flyer as a sample for the report.
  7. Discuss work-life balance and its importance to the organization.
  8. Outline the Employee Evaluation process your organization will employ and why.
  9. Expand on the Salary and Benefits plan your company will employ and why. Include the tools that HR Management will utilize to determine validity of salary and benefits offered.
  10. Explore the subject of creating happiness in the organization.
  11. Examine the Training, Development and Career planning to be utilized by HR Management.

12 : Discuss the organizations status as it relates to Labor-Management. Is a union present, if not is the organization under threat of a union forming?

  1. Discuss the organizations need for and preparedness for potential OSHA inspections.
  2. Conclusion and Recommendations

Remember: All writing must be supported by academic literature and will be in APA format during this course. You must cite each and every sentence in which you used materials from your academic literature. Your work will be checked for academic integrity by the Turnitin system. For a great breakdown of academic literature, please visit: https://www.lib.unb.ca/research/success/understanding.php

PLEASE DO NOT USE Wikipedia, Ask.com, Articlebase, businessdictionary.com, eHow, smallbusiness.chron.com, term paper websites, etc. From time-to-time, the professor my point out other sources that are not reliable academic sources.

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The rapid changes in the business environment are forcing organizations to look at human resources as a unique asset that acts as a medium for providing a sustained competitive advantage. Organizations have to start viewing human resource (HR) department and strategy as an essential tool to integrate competencies within the organization as well as match the employment capabilities within the organizational…………….

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