Team Project

Team Project

Discussing what I learned about myself while working on their team project.

The reflection paper should incorporate the following components:

1) What you learned about yourself

2) Application of two class theories to what you learned (make sure to explain in your own words, cite in proper APA format

, and apply the theory appropriately).

3) What you would do differently (if anything) if you had the chance to do it again and why

The format of the paper should be:

1) Double-spaced

2) 12 point, Times Roman font

3) 1 inch margins all the way around

4) APA style reference page of sources cited

The grading rubric is as follows:

Did you properly explain the theories in your own words (please don’t simply quote the source)? (4 points)

Did you appropriately apply the theories (i.e., demonstrating an accurate understanding of the theory)?

(4 points)

Did you provide proper in-text citations of the theories using proper APA style and were the citations

properly placed? (4 points)

Did you discuss what you learned about yourself specifically and is it a novel learning experience (not

simply what you learned in general or something that you already knew)? (4 points)

Did you specifically address what you would do differently and why (do not simply imply what could be

done differently)? (4 points)

Is the paper formatted correctly per assignment instructions? (2 points)

Does the paper contain an appropriate and

properly styled APA reference page (and do the references

match the in-text citations? (4 points)

Is your paper written clearly, easy to read and understand, free of grammar and sentence structure errors,

and typos? (4 points)

I just need 2 pages double space

Here is my information

Please try to write base on the information that I provided. If you have anything unclear, please ask me. Thank you 😀

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