how technological changes are affecting work

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According to your text (p. 227) “New technologies create new occupations, destroy old ones, and transform skill requirements of existing occupations.” Obviously, our own experiences tell us that there are both pros and cons that come with the increasing importance of technology in the workplace. Discuss how technological changes are affecting work and the American workplace. Discuss how American corporations have responded to changing technologies. Has it been effective? Has the high tech revolution affected a place of employment you have been associated with? If so, what effects did it have?

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The technological advances achieved in the past years have brought massive revolution in the business world, adversely affecting all aspects of a working life. One can therefore reach several others throughout the world in a matter of seconds with the cost being increasingly negligible .Because of these employees do not need to be physically interacting with their clients or even themselves.

 Today, it’s on documents being edited by multiple people all over the world at the same time. People share screen data and chat over videos. That therefore means communication in businesses has been brought nearer to..

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