Using Today’s Technology

  • Write a paper of approximately 3 pages that discusses the need and necessity of research and technological tools.
  • Identify a minimum of three (3) technological tools that you have used throughout your academic career and your current profession.
  • Include the following in your research and technology paper:
    • Benefits and leveraging capabilities of the technological tools identified
    • Legal and ethical issues that need to be acknowledged when using these technological tools, such as but not restricted to:
      • Intellectual property
      • Data mining
      • Security risks
    • Future use of the technological tools identified and how to best protect yourself and your place of employment from misuse
    • Minimum two sources.

 Cap485 Cap4851
Since the student career is not given, u can look for common technological tools used in education/learning and write on them
refs and cite

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Technology in Education and Research

Advances in technology have affected almost everything concerning the way people do things. Education and research are among the areas that have been affected by improvements in technology. Therefore, students in the current learning environments are advised to utilize technology to ensure that they enhance their learning experience and improve their research. Technology is used in the collecting of information, storage of information and analyzing of…………

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