Teen pregnancy

Topic: “Teen pregnancy ” the letter should be related to this topic either how to prevent it. For example, if the topic is Motor Vehicle Injuries, you might use motorcycle helmet laws and or focus on seat belt use. Teen Pregnancy is like general topic you can do whatever can be  related to it. The letter shouldn’t be more than one page long. Assignment is two parts. It is two page assignment.

PART 1 – The Letter

  1. Addresses a relevant and controversial healthcare topic
  2. Is directed to appropriate congressman (i.e., state issue addressed to state-level or federal issue addressed to federal-level)
  3. Topic is clearly introduced
  4. Absolutely clear what side of the issue you are on
  5. Conveys the topic is close to your heart (is passionate)
  6. Effectively causes the reader to think differently about the topic (is persuasive)
  7. Effectively presents relevant and referenced data (is analytical)
  8. Absolutely clear about what action you want the congressman to take (is organized)
  9. Supports the case for taking this action (is reasoned)
  10. Grammatically correct and free of errors
  11. Addressed correctly using appropriate letter format
  12. One page maximum


PART 2 – The Reflection

On one additional page, respond to these questions:

  1. Why is this topic important to you?
  2. List three points you are trying to get across to your congressman
  3. What primary emotion would you like your congressman to feel?
  4. How did you go about eliciting this emotion?




preview of the answer..

As the chairman of the youth league in our municipality, it has come to my attention that teen pregnancy is increasing rate at a very high rate. Today, teen pregnancy has become the norm of the society and the society seems contented with the issue. What makes matters worse is that people who impregnate these teens are known by the members of the society and nothing is being done to make them liable for their actions. This is because of the fact that these are grown up people who are ruining the lives of our young girls and society is reluctant to take any action.

This letter is therefore aimed to inform you of the issues affecting the young members of the …

591  words APA

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