Texas Youth Commision

Texas Youth Commision

  1. Go to the Texas Youth Commision web site and read the Basic Correctional Treatmentand Specialized Correctional Treatment http://www.tjjd.texas.gov/programs/Default.aspx
  2. http://www.tjjd.texas.gov/programs/Default.aspxhttp://www.tjjd.texas.gov/programs/special_treatment.aspx
  3. Explain how and why these approaches are different. Do these approaches seem successful? Why or why not?

Juveniles detained
300 words
reference the web sources above

Answer Preview…………….

Researches reveal that most young offenders suffer from different mental disorders and that the condition is the reason for their action. Those with identified mental disorders need specialized treatment (Complex, 2011). The primary reason for the imprisonment of offenders is………………..

APA 330 words

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