The Artist is Present

The Artist is Present

All information is in the pdf
Makesure, It has a clear thesis which means it needs thesis statement. And one paragraph needs one clear idea.

I was giving wrong informations

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This final exam should be answering for all of the questions
Each question should be answering in one paragraph
So All of them is four paragraphs 2 single spaced pages essay

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Question 1 Koyaanisqatsi Film

Usually, rockets are works of human beings using technology. It is clear that the rocket was successfully made and propelled to greater heights. However, on its way back, it broke into flames and burned all the way to the ground and shattered into pieces of debris. The Koyaanisqatsi film begins by showing beautiful gallery pictograph, then a Saturn rockets being launched. It then shows desolate desert landscape. Rocket invention requires a lot of talent, intelligence, skill and advanced technology (Varner 2017). Most of the people who first made rockets and other technological objects such as airplanes are written in memorable books of history. The film is showing the beauty of the environment before human destruction. Desert landscapes are sceneries people pass by or even live close but are less noted. The next footage was of different beautiful, waves and clouds. I closely watched as I enjoyed them more from the film. Like it was before the innovation of technology, people had all it takes to live healthy, and with minimum risks………

 APA 1242 words

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