The Bluebook and the ALWD

The Bluebook and the ALWD

  • Compare the respective layout and structure of the Bluebook Uniform System of Citationand the Association of the Legal Writing Directors (ALWD).
  • Discuss the value of each. Provide a rationale for your response.

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The ALWD Guide to Legal Citation and the Bluebook are legal writing tools that provide the structure and layout for legal practitioners to ensure an effective presentation of their ideas for both legal and non-legal proceedings. Regarding the structure and layout of the Bluebook, its practitioner-focused section that is known as the Bluepages, remains the most crucial aspect for meeting the needs of practicing lawyers. In spite of this structural arrangement, the citation format is considered cumbersome for legal practitioners who are interested in case documents than the writers of law reviews (Salmon, 2015). Although the white pages of the book are designed to help practicing lawyers to clarify and adopt the right rules for their document, the need to constantly consult both pages is an aspect of the organization of the Bluebook citation format that is difficult to understand……..

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