The Board Member’s Service to the Mental Health Agency

The Board Member’s Service to the Mental Health Agency

This week we will discuss one of the most important relationships for an administrator or Executive Director. The executive-level staff works closely with a Board of Directors. The relationship is reciprocal in that the Executive Director often turns to the Board for expertise and direction, but in many cases, the Board will turn to the Executive Director for leadership.

This week’s written assignment affords you the opportunity to interview a board member of a human service agency. (Note: the questions to ask the board member are provided below). The relationship between human service agencies and board members can become tense when roles are not clear for the board members and the executive members of the agencies. When the roles and responsibilities are clear for both the board and the executive director, a meaningful and collaborative relationship can develop, greatly benefiting the human service . After conducting your interview and documenting your experience, you should have some insight into the perspective of a board member.

Write a 4 page APA formatted paper summarizing the interview:

  • Include your analysis and observations about the board member’s service to the human service agency,
  • Include a summary of the location and atmosphere of the interview.
  • Include your interview questions as an attachment to your paper.

Interview Questions

  • Given the divergent roles of the board members, how do you manage to seamlessly blend in and function as a group?
  • How do you balance immediate and long-term concerns about the state’s mental health, particularly when agency head decides to deal with the immediate needs?
  • How do you ensure that you are an independent member of the board, given that the agency head can indiscriminately shoot down some of your plans to make you more amenable to a certain policy?
  • How would you deal with the threat of your replacement on the board, given that boards have to accept change and incorporate new perspectives by bringing in fresh people?
  • What is the main challenge you have experienced for the whole duration you have served as a board member?
  • Have you learned from those challenges? What opportunities have you utilized so far?



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Hi thank you, may I ask that you select a local mental health or substance abuse agency in any of the states, it does not have to be a big or well known agency, the smaller the easier it is to contact the board member. And will you please let me know the agency and board member you have selected before starting the paper? Thank you

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