The BTK Strangler

The BKT Strangler

Review the case of Dennis Lynn Rader, The “BTK” Stranger and write a 450 word essay discussing the case study.

Your essay should have an introduction summarizing the criminal and case, a body that discusses the issues surrounding the case (how were they able to avoid being caught for so long – personality of the offender, lack of evidence available, lack of technology, etc.), and what led to their arrest and prosecution, and a conclusion that discusses the outcome of their prosecution along with what changes could have been made along the way which might have led to an earlier arrest.

Be sure to include references on your reference page. Please follow APA guidelines; provide a title and reference page, use Times New Roman 12 point font, and double-space your lines.

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Bind, torture and kill (BTK) were words that drove fear and unrest among the residents of Wichita in Kansas for over three decades. Dennis Rader was the madman behind the brutal murder of ten men, children, and women as from 1974 until 2005 when he got arrested (Gilligan, 2017). He was married and has two children. He was the president of the members of his church. He was a Park City town’s compliance officer. Having Been a loving husband and father to his family, a respected person in the society and such a senior position in the government, it shocked the whole country including his immediate family members when he confessed having committed the murders……….

APA 583 words

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